Kids Club

Kids Club meets every Sunday at 9.45am. Children can come in and enjoy 'welcome' play activities. This includes Christian small world toys (churches, biblical figures, story bags, etc.). We gather together for a thanksgiving snack time and to offer news. Our main Christian theme is shared with children in an interactive session, followed by a praise song and prayer. Children then engage in a number of craft activities illustrating the Christian theme, enabling our volunteers to share their ideas about these whilst they create.

So engrossed are we in these activities that it is often a surprise to hear the knock on the door from the verger to let us know it is time to go into Church. We just have time to close our session with a couple of children reading a prayer for the day and to say our Lord's Prayer. Then it's off to Church to join parents, eager to show activities and celebrate our achievements.

Please refer to our calendar to see what dates the Kids Club meets.